The Other Thing I Like about TvsZ

Yes you have to be smart to play this game, but you also have to be creative. What makes this game so much fun for those of us actually invested is the narrative.  The thing about it is, you really wouldn’t expect Twitter to be the best place to craft such a narrative. And really, it isn’t. But it’s the glue that holds the rest of the experience- the blogs, videos, storifies, you name it- together. And it’s the place where the action happens.

And even in only 140 characters, we’ve created a whole apocalypse, complete with safe houses, ruins, and plenty of corpses.  We’ve had people in cellars, barricaded in offices, at the lake, in the sewers, even on balloon rides. And we’ve done it on a micro blogging platform.  I think it’s amazing to see what people have created and how engaged in the story they are.  I even had a player ask to be included in a safezone only if it worked with the story he was creating.

People are committed to this game, zombies relish bringing down our most prominent players, and humans mourn the fallen.  But we’re also determined to survive this, and that’s why you’ll see us continue to live our story, human to the end.


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