Let’s Talk about Twitter

My favorite thing about Twitter vs Zombies, this time and last, is that it challenges us to think about everyday applications in new ways.  But the one I like most is Twitter, as it should be, I suppose.

In every day life, I use Twitter to get news updates, follow friends, and find interesting things to read.  There is an occasional Twitter chat thrown in, but nothing all that out of the ordinary.  During a zombie apocalypse however, Twitter becomes so much more.

It is fascinating to me that the basic functions of this application can be fashioned into tools for gameplay, and that those same tools can be manipulated to subvert the rules of that same game.  Hashtags and links are basic additions to many tweets, but in TvsZ, they can be the difference between life and undeath.  Mastering these tool and following the rules carefully is the only hope of surviving these troubling times, but new, creative uses for them are the beginning of strategy.  This time around in TvsZ, I’ve been more keen about noticing fumbles in the game.  Most of these are hashtag mistakes, broken links, or mistyped Twitter handles, but my favorite come from human (and quite often zombie) error.

My favorite of these are the zombie errors.  I like to make a sport of trying to get them to trip up (very easy, you know, on account of the shambling). First you post a safezone, and then you bury it in zombie baiting tweets.  Zombies get angry and bite you en masse, but you’re safe so they’ve all lost their bites for 30 mins.  This is strategy.  But my favorite is when the zombies get confused.  My favorite point in the game so far came at one such moment.  No less than three people had included @jaycart1 in their safezones (including herself) and I typed her Twitter handle wrong in my tweet. @allistelling picked up on my mistake, and took extreme pleasure in biting @jaycart1, only to be soundly rebuffed and mocked by the human community.

I like this game because you have to be smart to play it.  You have to pay attention when it’s so easy to lose track of things on Twitter. It challenges us during the game, but I like to think that the skill will remain useful after the game is over.  It’s a challenge to actually engage the deluge of information that confronts us on Twitter- and other social media and internet applications- rather than simply let it wash over us.  There’s so much to be gained this way.  So much great content comes from TvsZ and it’s easy to miss if you’re not careful, who knows what we’re missing in our usual Twitter feeds?


9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Twitter

  1. Bekah, I think that you’ve really tapped into something interesting here Bekah. Twitter IS a very functional tool for both aggregating content and for massive collaborative projects. Both Shirky and Rheingold argue for social media skills acting important critical, digital, and activist literacies that can empower the user. That doesn’t mean they DO empower the user; that responsibility for that lies in a critical approach to the tool, in asking what capability it brings to communication that is unique. Also, it requires that we evaluate the downsides of digital publication and regular engagement to an electronic network.

    All of that said, I look forward to this post being #overrun. #TvsZ

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