Twitter Can’t Contain the Zombie Apocalypse

All the people who put this together are pretty much zombies now, but that doesn’t stop them from being teachers…and assigning homework.  Personally, I feel like running for your life from hordes of deranged zombies is enough work to do on its own, but now we get to write about it.

Luckily, I have the abandoned library in which to safely do that.  And also luckily, it’s pretty awesome.  Humans and zombies get to write to earn either safezone privileges or extra bites, and the writing that has come from that is massively entertaining.

For example, have you seen @mikeberta’s Storify about how I’ll soon be dead?  It’s pretty funny. In unrelated news, IN YOUR FACE ZOMBIE!  I like this post so much that I think I’ll make my next safezone a Storify about the abandoned library and ZombieBaiting.

Speaking of which, these zombies are trying to bait a few humans via non-traditional means- you know, the familiar straightforward excruciatingly painful brains eating means.  Remember the good old days (hours?) when that was the MO?  Now they’re trying to trick us with fake treaties!  They’re playing with their food now! Come on! (I told you this was a different breed of zombie).

Fortunately I have this blog to serve both as my safezone generator and a means of communication with other humans in more than 140 characters.  Even though @readywriting has put together a list of the last few of us that remain (I told you they were organized), us humans will continue to get the word out to other survivors (even if it is kind of depressing…looking at you @afamiglietti..keep your head up).  Humans out there, you’re not alone! Write a safezone, let us know how you’re doing, and get to the abandoned library!

It’s pretty cool to see the writing Twitter vs Zombies has generated on both sides.  It’s a nice reminder that writing can be fun, games that involve writing can be fun, and that humans are seriously funny when set upon by a zombie horde.


3 thoughts on “Twitter Can’t Contain the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. #TvsZ (or the like) as a composition device. I like this idea and will share it back with some composition faculty I am working with. I see this at multiple levels. First as a prompt for writing; much like we are doing with our #safezone and #extrabite posts. Second, as a device to promote higher order thinking skills, like a synthesis piece after the game. Third, as the narrative itself, an evolving storyline, as composition in low stakes and informal ways.

    I know just the faculty member would use this too. Thanks.

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