So I’m playing Twitter Vs Zombies and shortly I will probably become a zombie.  Before my brains are eaten and I am reduced to a mindless undead monster, I should probably record what I have learned so far.

1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is super awesome and I had no idea that it existed before this game.  The one good think that will come of my impending doom is that I can share this with whatever humans may be left out there (though you probably already know about it as I am woefully slow to catch on to things, vis a vis my impending doom).  You can use tweetdeck to follow certain people or hashtags.  Aside from making this game a lot easier (and more fun)  I imagine that it will be quite useful for all sorts of fun twitter things lik #digped.  TweetDeck, I wish I’d learned about you sooner because you are fascinating.

2. Twitter Vs Zombies is heavily biased towards the zombies

True to life, or a scary, dystopian version of life, Zombie Apocalypses on Twitter are stacked pretty heavily against humans (and those stacks are primarily made of corpses).  I think it’s pretty interesting that the game rules make it so that human numbers dwindle pretty quickly and the horde of zombies quickly gains the upper hand.  When we started this think less than 24 hours ago there were tons of human surrounding my name on the scoreboard and now I’m the first one! Also, I find the zombie horde interesting.  They seem pretty organized for having no brains and I think they really have the humans scrambling.  We should come up with a way to kill the zombies…but putting them out of the game would be a shame, since besides being utterly terrifying they are pretty entertaining…oh and the pictures are awesome.

3. TvsZ has confirmed my suspicions that ducks are evil

My first bite came from a duck.  Oddly enough, I’m talking irl here.  I got bit by a duck (do they even have teeth?) when I was really little and all I was trying to do was give it some nice yummy breadcrumbs.  Seems only fitting that a zombified duck would be first to bite me in this game AND be patient zero.  Seriously, we need to do something about ducks.

Okay so those are my thoughts and this post will buy me another hour of life…in which I can taunt the zombies without mortal fear.

Fellow humans, if you’re out there and scared, you can band together with me…I think it’s time we had a human horde to counter the zombies with.  If you haven’t already, sign up for Twitter Vs Zombies at twittervszombies.com and find me on Twitter at @_bekahhogue.  Hurry up too! Our numbers are dwindling and we need help!


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