If I Weren’t In the Middle of a Zombie Apocalypse…

Here I sit in my abandoned library, typing away because it’s the only way to stay alive.  The zombies are too numerous for me to venture out of my safezone. And they’re getting meaner as humans grow scarce.

I’m amusing myself by imagining a different reality. One where there are no zombies and my library isn’t abandoned.  I wonder if any of my survival skills would be useful there.  I like to think they would be.

First, I could put all of my safezone writing creativity to good use.  Imagine if I wrote just to write, instead of to stay alive.  Before the twitter zombie apocalypse I didn’t really do much of that.  Sure I had this blog, but I only used it for school assignments.  Maybe if there weren’t zombies I’d try blogging for fun.

Definitely my twitter skills would come in handy.  I think the zombie apocalypse has taught me a lot about Twitter. I’ve participated in Twitter chats before, but who’d have though we could have a full fledged zombie war here? I mean, look at the way the zombies have organized themselves to systematically destroy the human race.  Even I have to admit that they’re pretty impressive.  Even if it is a zombie community, it’s a community none the less.  Imagine a world without zombies where we could build twitter communities like theirs that would foster learning, discussion, fun? What if we used twitter for more than status updates? And what if more than just nerds and professors participated? What if twitter was smart instead of just there?

Finally, in a world without Zombies, I’d still like to know people like the smart and talented ones I’ve met in the past day or so. Even during an apocalypse, these people manage to turn out smart, witty, and fun content.  Even the Zombies! Imagine if the zombies were just regular people. I’d love to see the interesting things they’d work on in another life.

All in all, this zombie apocalypse has been an enriching experience. Or it would have been if I weren’t sitting in my abandoned library hiding from the undead.  If I was say, a college student interested in digital media and its implications for learning and community, this would have been a very enriching experience indeed.


One thought on “If I Weren’t In the Middle of a Zombie Apocalypse…

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