Hello world—err, Engl3080!

Hey y’all!

So I’m Bekah and this is my blog. I have to blog for several classes this semester, but you can filter just the stuff for this class by clicking the “English 3080” link under categories on the left side of the page. I love WordPress and pretty much all things digital so this is really fun for me. If you have any questions, you can ask me! I don’t have all the answers, but I happen to be the queen of google and I will try my best to help figure things out.

Right now I am trying out the WordPress app on the iPad so generously provided to me by GSU for my senior seminar. Did you know that when you check something out from the digital aquarium you agree to pay for it if it is damaged, lost, or stolen AND you indemnify the school should you be injured or killed as a result of using it? If Georgia State isn’t even going to take responsibility if I’m tragically murdered in defense of my school loaned iPad and I’m responsible for the cost anyway you’d better bet I’ll be giving this thing away to the first thug who asks for it.

Though now that I think about, I think the digital aquarium guy said something about getting a police report if it’s stolen and going from there…so maybe the school has some kind of insurance on them? Anyway I don’t expect anything like that to happen in the first place. But it’s kind of funny ( okay, maybe not haha funny) to think about.

In conclusion, the WordPress app for iPad is pretty cool. And I reckon the iPad is cool too and I guess I’m pretty badass since I signed my life away to use it.


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